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Womb, Heart & Earth - Soul Portals

A playshop to support you in connecting to your soul through your womb and heart with the support of Mother Earth.
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Womb, Heart & Earth - Soul Portals

Time & Location

05 maj 2020 15:00 – 18:00 CEST
Location is TBD

About the Event

Our soul is our essence, it’s the truest expression of us, unlimited by the ideas and norms of the world we live in and the programming of our minds. Our soul is always whispering, always guiding us to the path that is best for us - and the world. What we need to do is learn how to listen, build a relationship with our soul and discern the voice of our soul from the voice of our ego.

Through our wombs and hearts we get to connect to the deepest desires and callings of our soul. This magical portals contain universes yet to be explored.

What does that mean?

That through our hearts and wombs we get to connect to our soul and listen to what it wants to tell us. Through feeling we connect to the whispers of our soul.

Another important part of living a soul-lead life is being connected to the Earth. Mama Earth is our Mother here on Earth, she is also a loving guide and a caring provider. She is always taking care of us and weaving the path for us. These days, we have become very disconnected from the Earth as a species, we don’t value this extraordinary living, breathing planet and the gifts she gives us.

This playshop will take you on a journey inside & connect you to the Earth. We will tune into your womb and heart, listen to what they have to say and explore the emotions and feelings that are ”blocking” you from feeling connected to your soul. We will use breath, movement and sound to explore our inner worlds and move any stagnant or dormant energy that is waiting to come alive. We will connect to the Earth and learn practices that we can use in our everyday life - to ground ourselves and hear the whispers of Mother Earth.

All of this will be done in sacred space held by all the beautiful women joining. This will be a space of sisterhood where we can share, get support and be seen for who we are, fully (we will discuss how we can hold space from our hearts for others).

This playshop will:

💎Connect you to your emotions and move ”blocked” energy

💎Build or strengthen your relationship with your soul

💎Connect to your womb and heart and explore what that connection means and feels like to you

💎Learn practices that will ground you and support you in feeling safe and held by the Earth

💎Open yourself to receive

💎Make you feel seen and heard by like-hearted sisters

💎Help you feel nourished

💎Give you everyday practices to connect to your womb, heart and soul

💎Be a lot of fun with dancing, singing, chanting and sharing

This workshops costs 400 kr per person.

If you want to split the payment that’s totally fine! I’m flexible and I want this to be available for everyone! I do however need some of the money at least a month BEFORE the playshop.

There will be yoni steams available for 5 ladies! Yoni steams are basically pussy steams - you use herbs that are beneficial and caring for your pussy & womb to steam your beautiful pussy. I use all organic herbs - Rose, lavender, calendula, rosemary, raspberry leafs and yarrow. They have healing qualities like being antibacterial, heals scar tissues, reduces menstrual pain, helps with blood cloths & many more.

If you want a yoni steam the playshop costs 600 kr!

You can pay by swish, PayPal or with a credit card.

The location will be given a month or so before the playshop but it will be in stockholm!

Reach out to me with any questions or requests! I want this to be an experience you truly value so do not hesitate with reaching out.

Book a free 20 minute connection call if you want to know more!

Welcome beautiful sister and thank you for your presence! 

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