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Sound For Soul - Sound For Soul Embodiment

Let the vibrations bring you back home!
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Sound For Soul - Sound For Soul Embodiment

Time & Location

26 mars 19:00

About the Event

Sound is sacred.

The words we speak are spells. The vibrations of the sounds we make contribute to the overall vibration of the Universe.

We are all an instrument and together we create the symphony called life.

This Circle is an invitation to play with sound and let that be what brings our soul deeper into our body. Letting the vibrations and movements release what’s old and make space for the new.

Using our own voice can feel very vulnerable. Our soul voice and voice in general (especially womens) have been silenced for such a long time. We haven’t felt safe to speak up, say no, ask for more when something feels deliciously juicy and voice our feelings & thoughts.

Singing, chanting, humming is incredibly healing and it helps us connect to our voice and begin to use it in a way that feels true to us.

During this Circle we’ll use sound to embody more of our soul

We’ll dance - using different songs we’ll allow our bodies express how our soul wants to move

We’ll play with singing - we’ll connect with our soul and let the sound it wants to make comes out of us. We then weave our soul songs together into a beautiful symphony

We’ll chant - taking some time to chant for the Earth to pay gratitude for the life she gives

And lastly we’ll end with some gentle breathwork and sound healing to integrate our journey

This Circle is a fun yet deep, co-creative journey that uses your senses to connect your human to the divine 🦋

It will also:

Help you explore your boundaries

Leave you feeling grounded

Fill you with creativity

Begin to heal the wounds around your voice

Help you release stagnant and stuck energy

Leave you feeling nourished

& much more

Join us and let sound move you, heal you and awaken you 🎶🎵

Held through zoom and replay will be available for everyone who can’t make it live

You’ll get Zoom link in the registration Email

Thank you for your time and energy and I look forward to make sound with you 🎶

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