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Shadows - Exploration and Integration Ceremony

The Disowned, Rejected and Abandoned parts of us are ready to be healed.
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Shadows - Exploration and Integration Ceremony

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15 jan. 18:00

About the Event

Our shadows contain of all the disowned, rejected and abandoned parts of ourselves. It’s the parts of our psyche that we for many reasons can’t or don’t want to see. Not because there is anything wrong with us, not because these parts are bad or evil but because we learned to rejected them to survive.

We all wen’t through a process of socialization, in which we learned that some parts of us are good and bad. We all came into wounded, fragmented world and received the conditioning of that world. Our parents unconsciously passed down their wounding onto us as their parents did on them.

This process started a spiral of fragmentation in our being, a spiral in which we as above said begun to disown and reject ourselves in order to get the love, care and protection we needed.

The process of exploring and healing the shadow is a process of returning back to wholeness. It’s a process of integration in which we engage in releasing judgment, seeing through old and unhealthy conditioning, explore the different shadow archetypes that we all have to some degree and reconnecting with our power and sovereignty.

Healing = making whole. Not to say that we are broken, we’re not, but we perceive ourselves as such due to the wounding we have.

During this Ceremony we’ll explore 4 shadow archetypes, their qualities, how they show up, what wounds they come from and what they need to feel whole again (the tyrant, the prostitute, the child and the victim).

We’ll start with an introduction into these archetypes, then move into a creative process which will give us a better understanding of how these archetypes are alive and operating within us.

After that we’ll have a long, loving and gentle breathwork session to connect with these parts on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and we’ll end with integrating time and a sharing circle.

This Ceremony will leave you with a greater understanding of yourself, a more open and compassionate heart, a clearer vision of the shifts that you need to make and the power to make them in a way that resonates with and feels true to you.

What you’ll need: something to make a collage, paint or draw. A notebook and pen. Space to make yourself comfortable to breath and be fully present and your beautiful self!

If you can’t make it live, replays will be available.

You’ll get the zoom link in the purchase confirmation email.

It’s time that we start to love all the parts of ourselves that we rejected, that we felt are bad and unloveable, back to wholeness.

It might be uncomfortable, and that is okay, but the only way is through.

I lovingly invite you to have the courage to explore and heal.

Looking forward to connect with you Beloved!

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