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Pleasure Circle - Orgasmic Existence

Allow Sensual Pleasure To Shake Up Your World!
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Pleasure Circle - Orgasmic Existence

Time & Location

10 apr. 17:30 CEST
Tumba, Segersjövägen 1, 147 61 Uttran, Sweden

About the Event

Is your body screaming out for more pleasure and sensual playfulness?

If so, I hear you and here is my answer.

This Circle is for those of you who long for sensual and bodily pleasure AND are willing to play with some naughty energy ;)

It's time for us to claim pleasure as a sacred birth right and play with it fully.

During our time together we'll allow our senses to be immerged in a sea of pleasure, playfulness and creativity. We'll explore the primal human and connect it with the divine soul.

Touch - We'll play with different ways to experience touch. Different materials, fabrics and intensities.

Smell - Smell is such a powerful sense, it can bring us back in time and invite us into dream lands filled with wonder.

Taste - Isn't taste just amazing? There is so much pleasure that is available to us every single day if we allow ourselves to play with the taste and texture of food.

Hearing - We'll play with sound and allow the sense of hearing to move through us

Sight - The space will be filled with beauty that we can rest our eyes on and experience it’s healing powers

Feeling - The felt sense of a human being is one of the most beautiful things on Earth, this circle will invite you and encourage you to FEEL

Inviting pleasure into our lives is often something we're not used to, not in a healthy way anyway, it can feel indulgent and bring up feelings of guilt. This is an invitation to acknowledge those parts so they can heal.


Circles like this ask us to move through sensitive waters and go to where deep hurts can swim so safety, gentleness and confidentially are key parts of this journey. It's my job as a sacred space holder to make sure and create a space in which you feel held, supported and safe. There will be huge emphasis on that.

If this is stirrs something within you and speaks to your heart I would feel honored to hold space for you.

Come as you are, all of you is welcome here!

If you have any questions or would like to connect with me personally before joining you can book a 20 minute free call here: https://www.groundedempowerment.com/book-online

Thank you for your time and energy!

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