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Online Breathwork Session

Breathe your soul into your body!
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Online Breathwork Session

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16 jan. 18:00 – 20:00
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The breath is a crucial and natural part of being human yet more often then not we aren't taught how to breath properly and we are often stuck in unhealthy breathing patterns without being aware of it. 

Unhealthy breath patterns are connected to emotional wounds & blockages, mental blockages, stagnat energy and overused neural pathways. When we connect with our breath consciously, breath in ways that are healthy and supportive, we create room for healing emotional wounds, loosening blockages, releasing stagnant energy, create new neural pathways and feel more at home in our bodies. Since we're creating new pathways, we're creating new ways of relating to ourselves, each other, the world and well, everything. We begin to integrate lost parts of us and connect deeper to who we really are. 

Which brings me to another beautiful, and to me, most important part of breathwork which is soul connection & embodiment. Our breath is the closest physical connection we have to our soul, it's this things that is always there whether we're aware of it or not, it comes to us naturally and it's just an inherent part of existing. It's something we can't see with our eye but we feel it, we are nourished by it and we live thanks to it. You see how these two go hand in hand? 

Practicing breahtwork is like brigning more and more of your soul into every part of your being. It's a way to connect deeper to your truth, see beyond the conditoning and feeling more connected to your essence.

It also heals the nervous system, brings more clarity, makes us feel more grounded, creates space for inspiration and clarity and makes us feel more alive. 

The beauty of breathwork is endless and it's so simple, all you need is what's already yours, your precious breath and awareness. 

During these sessions we'll use different techniques of breathwork some more gentle and passive, others more active. 

In the begining of each sessions we'll go through what to think about and be aware of to have a safe and conscious experience. 

We'll also have time in the end of each session to share, be witnessed and connect with each other. 

Every session will be recorded so if you can't make it live, no worries, you'll be able to participate anyway. 

Zoom link comes in an email after you've completed the registration. 

Join us to experience the wonder of breathwork for yourself and support your healing, embodiment and aliveness. 

Looking forward to connect with you Beloved!

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