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Journey in love

Give yourself the gift to meet yourself with love, in all aspects of you, in 30 days ❤️
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Journey in love

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11 maj 2020 15:00 CEST
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About the Event

Self-love is the root of everything. It’s the only foundation that can give us true safety and intimacy. 

Self- love is the root of all healing, self-acceptance, integration, compassion and connection. 

These times have been tough for many including myself. The crisis, the shifts, the initiations, the deaths and rebirths, the ups and downs, the retrogrades, the shadows, the crumbling, the anxiety, fear and stress. I know I’m not the only one navigating uncharted waters. I know many of you have been feeling it ALL. 

In tough times, through challenges, through change, in times of crisis, loss and uncertainty what we can lean on for true safety is self-love and our relationship to ourselves. 

These times, no matter how hard and/or challenging, are the greatest teachers and the most beautiful gifts of healing, growth and integration. 

But it’s easy to get lost in anxiety, it’s easy to cling to old patterns, it’s easy to fall into avoidance and by-passing, it’s easy to go into autopilot. And there’s no shame in that, its part of the process, what matters is that we return back to love and remember that loving ourselves is what will allow us to return back home to our soul. In truth we are whole, always and forever, no matter what phase we find ourselves in. 

I have been asking myself how can I serve? What is rising within my heart? What can I create to support people and be a container of love? 

During my new moon ritual it came to me.

I want to create a journey of self-love, awareness, exploration, playfulness, connection, support and openness. 

With all this written, I want to invite you on a 30 day self-love and self-care journey. 

If you’ve been feeling heavy, down, anxious, all over the place, insecure, unsafe, lost, stuck in your head, guilty, ashamed, unsure, disconnected and stuck in the dark this journey will give you the medicine and love that you’ve been craving. It will give you the commitment, connection and resources to come back into your body, connect back to yourself (and connect with others) and meet yourself with love in a new way every day. 

Every day for 30 days you’ll receive an email with the daily practice, this will be whatever my heart and soul is guiding me towards that day, either a meditation, an exercise, a tapping journey, journaling practice, a breathing exercise, a movement practice whatever feels right and brings love into your being. 

We will bring love and care into different aspects of your being by focusing on different things every day. Some days will focus on grounding, some on connecting to and loving your body, some on healing your nervous system, some on feeling safe and held, some on pleasure and sensuality, some on sexuality, some on integrating your shadow and others on loving and allowing your emotions & more. 

We will have a Facebook group so we can connect, share and be there for each other. A safe place to open up, witness and be witnessed. 

We will also have zoom sister circles to connect deeper 💜

I wanted to create something with a lot of different resources for a good price that focuses on many aspects of ourselves and that invites us to connect to ourselves on a daily basis, have a daily ritual of self-love, self-care and healing + have a place where we can connect and where there is lot of space for me to play and listen to my intuition. And this journey is all of that 🧡

As a gift I will give everyone participating my self-love guide for free as well 💜 

I know that if this resonates with you, giving yourself this gift, will be an experience of healing, intimacy and coming home. 

Sending you all the love 💜 

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