sön 09 aug. | Bondegatan 3D

Healing Toxic Beliefs - EFT Tapping & Breathwork

Are you ready to heal the toxic beliefs that are running your life behind the scenes?
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Healing Toxic Beliefs - EFT Tapping & Breathwork

Time & Location

09 aug. 2020 17:00 – 18:10
Bondegatan 3D, Bondegatan 3D, 116 23 Stockholm, Sweden

About the Event

"I'm not enough", "I'm bad", "I'm unworthy", "I'm too...", "I'm ugly" are a few of the many toxic beliefs we hold about ourselves. We all have our own version of them and most of the time we aren’t even aware of them. Sometimes we are but we don’t really know how to change them.

These beliefs run our lives in the background, affecting every decision and choice we make.

The good news is that we can change them, with love, patience and commitment we can make a true transformation in the way we see think, feel and how we see ourselves.

We’ll be using EFT Tapping and Breathwork to work with the toxic beliefs holding us back. EFT tapping helps us to give a voice to the emotions that we have around each belief and release the stress and tension around it. Breathwork helps us create space for and integrate new healthy beliefs and also to release them from our bodies. This combination gives us a deep release, open ups space in our body, leaves us relaxed and grounded AND helps us heal and integrate new healthy beliefs.

We’ll focus on ONE belief each session so we don’t overwhelm our system and to get the best possible result.

Let’s heal the toxic beliefs that are holding us back to live a life of self-love and trust.

Have a beautiful day beloved!

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