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Healing Through Singing - Heart and Womb Coherence

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Healing Through Singing - Heart and Womb Coherence

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02 dec. 2020 19:00 CET

About the Event

This Online Workshop is a co-creative healing process in which we use our voice, creativity and playfulness to invite healing.

We’ll start by chanting - a chant to honor and pay gratitude to The Great Mother (Mother Earth), our bodies, the beings and plants of this planet, the elements and all the gifts of being alive.

We’ll then move into co-creating and playing. Tuning into our hearts and wombs to feel how they want to express themselves through sound and finding a way for them to dance together. We'll share our sound with each other (if we so wish) and create one beautiful womb and heart song. 

In this way we’ll harmonize, balance and open these opposing forces (womb- negative energetic pull / heart-positive energetic pull) and heal energetic and emotional fragmentation.

You don’t have to have a ”good” singing voice, you don’t have to have any previous experience of any of this, just come as you are and be open to healing through singing.

This workshop is great for you who feel unable to express yourself, have problems with your throat and neck, always feel like you have to swallow your words and feel uncomfortable in being seen. 

It's a safe space to explore all those feelings, blocks and discomforts and open up to healing. 

Workshop is held through Zoom

Replay will be available for those that can’t make it live.

Looking forward to co-create with you! 

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