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Healing The SisterWound Circle + Workshop

Do you long for authentic sisterhood? If you do, this will be the healing journey you have been waiting for to make that come true!
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Healing The SisterWound Circle + Workshop

Time & Location

28 jan. 18:00 CET
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

About the Event

Sisterhood, when healthy it’s this beautiful gift where we can come together in support, transformation, honesty and space in which we feel safe to share our shadow and light. When unhealthy it’s filled with gossip, competition, comparison jelousy, avoidance and cruelty.

Throughout the thousands of years we have lived in patriarchy, we have learned that we need to compete with each other to survive. We have learned to distrust each other and ourselves. We learned that our feminine gifts are shameful, bad and less then.

During the witch hunts mothers and daughters, sisters and lovers where turned against each other, asked to turn each other in to spare their own lives. This trauma, this pain, still lives on in the DNA of women.

It’s no wonder that we are feeling what we are feeling. It’s no wonder that we have these wounds. It’s no wonder that we distrust each other.

But now, we are feeling the call to change, to come together, to heal together and individually. We are now ready and we now live in a safe enough world (in most places) for us to do this.

We’ll use the powerful energy of the first full moon of the year 2021, a full moon in Leo, to gather in sacred space to heal our wounds, the collective wounds and transform our relationship to each other and ourselves.

This will be a deeply healing journey in which we’ll dive into different aspects of healing - emotional, energetic, psychological, physical and spiritual.

We’ll do pair exercises, have a sharing circle, take time for self-reflection and self-inquiry, practice breathwork, engage our bodies in sacred movement and relax in a healing sound bath.

You’ll be invited to let yourself be seen, in your light, in your shadow, in your pleasure, in your pain, in your joy and be held by a web of sisters. You’ll be invited to let yourself get naked (emotionally, not literally, unless you really want to) and let the healing you long for come to you.

Sister, if you’re tiered of the superficial, meaningless and soulless kind of sisterhood that we have in these times, this journey is for you. You need to heal your own wounds and witness others in theirs so that you can be part of the transformation you long for.

You are the answer. You have the power. You are the healing.

Brrrrrrrrrr, YES!

I’ll have snacks and materials for you. Come as you are, no need for any high vibes or fake smiles, all of you is welcome here, just bring your beautiful self!

If you have any questions reach out to me through Facebook (Julia Otylia Szymanska) or email me at:

The Circle will take 3-4 hours.

The exact adress will be decided soon!

I look forward to connecting with you Beloved Sister!

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