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Exploring & Activating Intimacy (1)

We all long for intimacy and it all starts with being intimate with oneself!
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Exploring & Activating Intimacy  (1)

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05 apr. 2020 18:00 CEST
Zoom Class

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Exploring and activating intimacy 

Zoom class 

We often have the idea that intimacy is about sex and while sex is included in the mix, intimacy is the gate to so much more.  

We have a relationship with everything in life. We have a relationship with ourselves, with others, with the Earth, with money, with food, with our pain bodies/wounds, with our soul and everything around us. 

All relationships begin with us. The relationship we have with ourselves will determine how we relate to the outside world. 

The more intimate, honest and vulnerable the relationship with ourselves is the fuller and richer our lives become. The more open and willing we are to be present with every aspect of ourselves - the light and dark - the pain and pleasure- the more whole we become. We see beyond the lens of duality and accept how everything in life is for us - and that sometimes the more uncomfortable something is - the more important it is for our growth and deeper intimacy. 

Intimacy can’t exist without vulnerability. Intimacy can’t exist without presence. 

If we stay in resistance towards ourselves and the lessons and growth we choose we will create suffering. We will stay in our wounds and keep showing up from those wounds. 

By surrendering to the rawness of our experience and seeing ourselves with love and compassion we begin creating an intimate relationship to ourselves. We begin to heal and uncover our wounds Which is an ongoing journey of diving deeper and uncovering and loving all the illusions and false perceptions we hold on to. 

It’s the most beautiful journey one can take in my opinion because it’s a journey of devotion and love to oneself 💎

So let’s explore and activate intimacy together 🎀

In this class we’ll: 

🧡 Explore what intimacy means to us and later on in the class - how we can bring more of it into our being & life 

🧡 Talk about our blocks to intimacy - how our beliefs and wounds create resistance to it 

🧡 Explore how trusting ourselves - trusting our experiences creates intimacy 

🧡 Explore our relationship to vulnerability 

🧡 Touch upon chronic guilt and shame and how that - when left on autopilot - destroys intimacy 

🧡 Meditate - I’ll bake 1 or 2 meditation practices into the class 

🧡 Take time for sharing and witnessing - our stories and experiences hold medicine for ourselves and others & sharing them is healing in itself 

You’ll receive: 

🎀 Experiences that will bring more intimacy into your life 

🎀 A couple of daily non-negotiable practices that you can chose from to keep going deeper into yourself that will be baked into the class 

🎀 Tons of reflection questions that will also be baked into the class 

🎀 Meditation practice to connect with yourself on different levels 

🎀 A practice to begin to heal from chronic guilt and shame 

🎀 Love and support from me and others + lots of juicy wisdom 

🎀 Accountability partner (if you so wish and desire) 

Intimacy, in my humble opinion, is the greatest and most beautiful gift you can give yourself 

So with my whole heart I welcome you on this journey and encourage you to deepen your devotion. 

🎀 As a heart gift every participant will get one of my meditations (free of choice) for FREE 🎀 

If you miss the class or can't attend live, a replay will be avaiable! 

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