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Conscious New Year's Ceremony

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Conscious New Year's Ceremony

Time & Location

28 dec. 2020 18:00 – 22:00 CET
Segersjövägen 1, Segersjövägen 1, 147 61 Uttran, Sweden

About the Event

Imagine going into the new year nourished, filled up, connected and spacious. Imagine taking your time to reflect upon the past year and the lessons, gifts and challenges to learn and let go of what no longer serves. Imagine spending time with your soul and like minded people to envision and welcome the new year from a place of connection, exploration and couriosity. Imagine doing this in a safe, sacred space where you can explore your needs, desires and boundaries with loving people.

This ceremony will support you with all of the above. You don’t have to just imagine it, you can live it too.

We are so used to setting New Years resolutions from a place of should, obligation and self-criticism. We feel guilt and ashamed of how we have mistreated ourselves so we set the intentions our cultures tells us we should set and we rarely follow through. 

Not because anything is wrong with us and we don’t have willpower but because we set them from a place of wounding without tending to the wound first and without connection to our highest potential.

This is a conscious way to say goodbye to the past year, welcome the new one, fill yourself up, explore yourself and connect with people who walk a similar path as you.

It’s a deeply healing, deeply nourishing and playful experience that will leave you feeling more clear, grounded, held and creative.

Here is how it will unfold:

Opening Ceremony - grounding, connecting and creating a safe & sacred space

Great Mother Chant - using the sacred vibration of sound to connect to and honor Mother Earth and our Bodies

Self-reflection, self-inquiry and self-exploration - this time is for connecting deeply with yourself and with the help of reflective questions exploring this year

Sharing Circle - time for being seen, heard and witnessed in your reflections

Conscious touch/ Conscious Connecting - during which we sit two and two and explore our boundaries, our needs, our wants and emotions together. This gives us an opportunity to consciously connect with what feels right and wrong and stay present in ourselves as we relate to others. To be clear this is not a sexual exercise!

Break, snack - 15 min

Shakti shaking & dragon breath - an ancient practice of shaking off that which is ready to go & breathing with sound to access the deepest parts ourselves. Completed with a guided release journey to open beautiful space for new seeds to grow 

Soul Jourey - A guided journey of soul connection, embodimet and expression 

Soul connection through creative outlet 

Integration through gentle breathwork and sound healing 

Closing ceremony 

Length: About 4 hours

Spots: 19

We’ll have snacks in form of fruit, nuts, yoghurt (vegan and non-vegan), bread and bread toppings. If you have any request or suggestions reach to us

You can Email me at: Julia.szymanska1@hotmail.com or Message me through Facebook, my name is Julia Otylia Szymanska

DIRECTIONS: it's 40 minutes from T-centralen. Take the commuter train (40 Towards Södertälje Centrum) to Tumba. From Tumba you take bus 715 towards solbo and get of on the station called segersjö. From there its a 1 minute walk to the venue. 

If you want to split the payment reach out to me and we’ll come up with a plan that works for both. It’s important to me that you feel welcome and taken care of no matter your financial situation.

I am so looking forward to connect with you and have you on this journey with us!

Have a beautiful day Beloved

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