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Chronic guilt and shame

This Circle will support you in becoming more aware of how chronic guilt and shame might be showing up in and controlling your life.
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Chronic guilt and shame

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24 apr. 2020 18:00 CEST

About the Event


Chronic guilt and shame has massive impact on all aspects of our lives. 

It affects our relationship to money and ability to receive, our self esteem and self worth, our ability to rest and let go, our health, ability to preform, how we care for ourselves and our needs and so so much more. 

Living in a state of guilt and shame is exhausting, it leaves us feeling empty and drained. Because in this state we often feel responsible for everyone and everything at the same time as we feel unworthy of care and love ourselves. 

This state and way of being was formed during our childhoods. If we were raised with a lot of pressure, expectations, responsibility, criticism and punishment we often tend to live in chronic shame and guilt as adults. And it sucks the life force out of us to be in this state. 

We often become so accustomed to the shame and guilt that we don’t even notice that its there running the show (and there is a reason why healing this can be tricky which I will go into more during the circle which Im about to present)

In the Chronic Guilt and Shame Online Circle we will 

Deepen our awareness about how guilt and shame show up in our lives and they ways they control us. 

We will talk about patterns, beliefs and ways we keep reinforcing this state. 

We will talk about reparenting and inner child care which is very important when healing this. 

We will go through a meditation process to connect with these feelings and heal the wounds and beliefs they come with 

You will get practices to help you in the healing process on a daily basis 

There will be time to share and connect which I find very healing and important. Our stories hold wisdom and healing 

The class will be held through zoom and recorded so if you can’t attend live a recording will be available. 

Every participant will get one of my meditations for free as a gift from moi 

I will also donate 10% of what I earn to an organisation I find right in my heart (haven’t decided yet so let me know if you know of any you feel passionate about) 

Looking forward to connect with you! 

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