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Chakra Awakening, Balancing and Healing - Online Session (2)

Join us and feel more energised, clear and held!
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Chakra Awakening, Balancing and Healing - Online Session (2)

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19 feb. 18:00

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Chakras are energy centers in the body. Each chakra is related to a different energy and has different qualities (example: root chakra, located at the base of the spine, has a red color and is related to feelings of safety, belonging and grounding)

When a charka is asleep, blocked, under-active or over-active the energy that naturally flows through that chakra and the qualities it governs, doesn’t come through to us and makes the whole system of our being, out of balance. (example: root chakra blocker - we feel stressed out, anxious, all over the place and like we’re floating in the clouds)

Each chakra has a seed mantra - a sound that you chant to awaken, balance and heal that chakra. Each chakras also has a counterpart, when one of them is out of balance their counterpart suffers too.

This session will focus on awakening sleeping chakras, balancing those who are under and over active and healing the ones that are blocked and wounded.

We will work with the 7 chakra system - root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

We’ll use the power of our voice and spend time chanting seed mantras for each chakra. The vibrations and resonance of the sound will help us release, balance and attune our energy centers into alignment.

We will also spend time in meditation, paired with breathwork, to connect and balance each charka to their counterpart so we can feel more clear, aligned and balanced in our daily lives.

This session will be held through Zoom and if you can’t make it live, a replay will be emailed out to you!

Zoom link comes in registration Email.

Length: about 90 minutes

This will be a playful experience that will leave you feeling much more held, energised and clear.

Looking forward to connect with you!

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