fre 29 maj | Bondegatan 3D

Breath, Body and Sound healing

A breath centered journey to help you connect to your emotions and heal wounds, melt blockages and come into your body!
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Breath, Body and Sound healing

Time & Location

29 maj 2020 18:00 – 20:20
Bondegatan 3D, Bondegatan 3D, 116 23 Stockholm, Sweden

About the Event

You know those moments when you feel triggered & uncomfortable emotions arise and you do anything to get away from them? Those moments when you feel unsafe in your body and just want to run away? Or those moments when you feel small, insecure, vulnerable and alone? I sure know them and if you're still reading I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. 

What if your triggers, wounds and your pain where the biggest gates to wisdom and love? What if they where you friends and companions instead of your enemis or something to fear and/or avoid? 

I can teach you how to stay with your emotions, befriend them and heal the wounds that are hidden inside of them. I can help you find release, feel safer in your body and create a relationship of saftey and intimacy with yourself. 

Our breath is always with us, it's so simple and present that we tend to underestimate it, in fact most people don't know how to breath properly and use the breath as a friend and healer. Our breath is always there for us to lean on and use to come back into our body, into our center. It's our lifeforce, our soul. 

But we weren't taught this. No one taught us the importance of presence and breath. We were taught to go to school, get a job, get married and have kids. We were taught that we need to achive, work and do. Times are changing and people feel that, that way of being is no longer working. More and more of us long to feel connected, alive and present, we know that there is more to life that we were taught. The breath is a gate to all of that we long for. 

This experience will take you on a journey with your breath and body. We will learn how to use the breath to bring awarness into our experience + heal and melt tension - physical, mental and emotional. Using different techniques we will explore our relationship to the breath and learn how we can breath to ground, energise and bring ourselves BACK to a state of wholeness. We will also move our bodies to let our emotions flow and express themselves through them so they can be released from our physicality. 

I will deepen the experience by using drums and singing bowls for a sound healing bath. 

You will learn how to use your breath in your every day life to keep deepening and continue your healing journey as you dance the dace of life. It can be a truly transformational experience. 

If these speaks to your heart I want to welcome you with open arms. 

Bring a blanket, towel or a yoga mat to lay on. 

Know that everything is welcome here, all your emotions, all your pain, anger and sorrow. No expectations of high vibes, no need for masks, you are welcome as you are in any given moment. This is a space of saftey, healing and support. 

And so it is. 

Welcome Beloved! 

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