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30 Days Of Pleasure - An online journey to heal your relationship to pleasure

A 30 days journey to heal your relationship to, explore and invite more pleasure into your life.
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30 Days Of Pleasure - An online journey to heal your relationship to pleasure

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07 juni 2020 19:00
Email - Facebook group - Zoom

About the Event

These 30 days will invite you on a journey to explore and heal your relationships to pleasure, the blocks you have to it and invite more of it into your life. 

We often associate pleasure solely with sexual pleasure but it's so much more than that. Pleasure is a healer that is rarley talked about and our minds, bodies and souls yearn to experience more pleasure.

When we are in fear, when we feel anxious, when we are stressed our nervous systems are in flight, fight, freeze or please. When something triggers an unhealed trauma and we're not aware of it, we go into a conditoned way of reacting to that trigger, we react in whatever way we took on to keep ourselves safe. We contract, we fear and we do anything to avoid getting hurt like we once did. We are not in the moment, we are in a reactive, triggered state and from that state we can't heal. 

By inviting pleasure into that moment we let the mind and body know that we are safe. And it's not about avoiding what feels true or running away from what is REALLY happening inside by forcing pleasure onto ourselves. No, no, NO. That is pressure. It's about recognising what is going on, becoming aware and meeting that with pleasure. With kindness, love and gentless. 

For 30 days you'll get an email with the daily invitation and exploration. I will offer different ways of invitation and exploration each day, some days we'll use breath, some days we'll use movement, some days we'll turn to inquiry, some days we'll use sound and others we'll use meditation. There will a little bit of everything to awaken your senses and have varitation but most importantly this will be a time to listen to what YOU need. This will be a journey that invites you to get really intimate with yourself, listen to your mind, body and soul and form a relationship with you! Which will help you to feel more safe & at home in your body and trust your intution. 

We'll have a facebook group where we can connect and share & we'll have Zoom circles with deepening rituals. 

If you feel like you long for more pleasure and intimacy this journey is what you've been looking for!

Welcome Beloved!

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