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30 days of intimacy

Self-intimacy is the key to love, healing and aliveness.
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30 days of intimacy

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12 juli 2020 19:00
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We tend to associate intimacy with sex and being close to another person, which is part of it, but this 30 days will focus on self-intimacy and the beautiful being that is YOU. 

Intimacy is the key to love, healing and alivness. It takes us on a journey inside, invites us to explore ALL of us. The dark, the light, the shadow, the seen and the unseen. 

Now more than ever we feel called to change the way we show up in the world, we want a change in our systems, both inner and outter and we want a change in how we feel about ourselves in our day to day life. In order to do that we need to become intimate with ourselves, face the parts that we tend to avoid and undo the illusions that block us from seeing and being the truth. 

These 30 days will take you on a inner exploration. We'll tune into the shadow, move and release stuck emotions and integrate a new way of seeing ourselves, a way that feels true to our soul. By moving stagnant energy and activating parts of you that have been asleep we'll plant new seeds and invite fresh energy into your being. 

Unhealed wounds, trauma and shadow takes us HUGE amounts of energy and most often not even aware of it. When we spend most of our days pushing, denying and avoiding we don't have energy to explore what makes us burn, what we enjoy and what makes us come ALIVE. We spend ALL our energy on running from ourselves.

Facing ourselves, inviting intimacy and openess frees up energy, it awakens your senses and helps you to become aware of the subtle messages of your body. 

These 30 days will provide you with a safe space to explore and heal. You'll get material and tools that you can use in your every day life far after the journey has ended AND it will leave you feeling more trust towards yourself and your inner knowing. 

I'm looking forward to having you on this adventure! 

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