Beloved Sister, Fellow Wild Woman, hear my call!

We have been ashamed for way too long. For thousands of years we have been made believe that there is something wrong with us.

That we are too much or not enough.

That our sensitive, intuitive nature is a joke.

That our primal urges are bad and sinful.

That our blood, our bodies, are dirty and unholy.

That the way to the divine is only through stillness and control.

That we need to overcome our desires or get rid of them

That we are separate form nature

We have been told that the feminine is wrong.

But she is returning.

And she is asking us to descend. To accept the underworld as much as the upper world.

To see all of us as holy and beautiful

To explore all that it means to be human with a soul and a soul being human

She calls us:

To come back into our bodies and drum & dance back to the love of the divine.

To know that we are one with the Earth, that she is a breathing living creature  and we are here to live in collaboration and communion with her and all her beings.

To FEEL the sacredness and beauty of our sexuality and see it as a gateway to the deepest, holiest parts of us.

To heal the shame we have around being a woman, around our blood, our cyclic nature, our bodies, our desires, our lust

To heal the wounds we have around sisterhood, the distrust we feel towards one another and the feminine as a whole

To claim our power and KNOW that our pleasure is a sacred birthright that heals and restores

It is time!

It is time for us to reclaim our bodies, connect back to nature, own our sexuality, swim in our sensuality and heal the wounds around sisterhood.

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You are here because you have heard the call.

Because you FEEL the call.

In your bones. In your blood. In your womb. In your soul.

It is time to reconnect with that primal existence that urges you to follow your instincts, trust your gut, care for the beloved Mama Earth and live in orgasmic connection with the divine!

Yes, woman. It is time to return to the wisdom of your womb, the sacredness of your pussy and the power of sisterhood.

You have longed for it. Craved it. Searched for it. Everywhere.

It is time to stop that because it is all INSIDE YOU.

Your body, your womb, your pussy, your power, your vulnerability, your sensitivity, your heart, your emotions, your creativity and desires are the answers. To everything.

And this retreat will help you awaken, initiate and reconnect with the power of all that it means to be a woman.

This woman. The woman that you are. That isn't like any other women. That doesn't have to fit into any box of what, how and who a woman should be.

We come in all forms, all shapes, all types of expression and none of them is better or worse than the other.

Your uniqueness, your power should be explored, owned and celebrated. Not put down. Not tamed. Not controlled. Not compared.


This Retreat, amongst many things,  will help you release the chains that this world have put on you and give you a sacred, safe space to explore yourself beyond the conditioning of society.

This will be time where you get to connect with yourself, deeply and co-create with nature to find your nature.

To find the wild within. To embrace the primal power of the She Wolf who trust herself and makes space to be supported by her herd.


Join us sister on a deeply healing experience that will transform your relationship to yourself, the Earth and other women.

This experience will take you on a journey into yourself, into the primal waters of your being. In loving sisterhood you’ll be invited to get naked (emotionally, mentally, physically) and be seen in all of who you are.

The shadow. The light. The good girl. The bad girl. The maiden. The Mother. The Crone. The angel. The whore.

All of them will be explored and embraced here.

This Retreat will:

Help you heal your nervous system

Cleanse your body

Support you in exploring YOUR pleasure, awaken YOUR sensuality and connect to YOUR sexuality to help you CREATE and BIRTH everything you long for

Heal the shame around sexuality, your body and all that you’ve been made believe is wrong about you

Connect you to the depths of your womb and the sacredness of your yoni

Reconnect with the primal energy of the She Wolf and

Help you build a deep devotion to your soul and live from an intuitive flow

Heal your sisterwound – the distrust towards the feminine

Connect to the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine

Know your Sacred YES and you sacred NO

Own your power, trust it and be celebrated for the Woman that YOU are

All this in the holding of soul sisters so you can FEEL that you are never alone and forever supported and held

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What we’ll do?

I’m getting downloads and Vision all the time since I said YES to create this so the things listed can change and evolve but this about what we’ll do:

Sauna Cleansing Ritual

Morning Nature Rituals

Water & Fire Ceremony to take you back to Birth and begin a rebirth

Restorative Yoga

Dance, song and chanting

Breathwork – different forms and techniques focusing both of the feminine and the masculine

Reclaiming and healing the feminine Ceremonies in which amongst many amazing things (that I want to keep as a surprise) we’ll do yoni steams and womb breathwork

Sisterwound healing Circles

Shadow exploration workshops

Sensuality, Pleasure and Sexuality awakening Ceremonies


Implement elemental and herbal medicine in this


3th of May to 7th May


We’ll be in a beautiful location in a castle estate, with the lake just a 200 meters away and nature all around us.

We’ll live in a beautiful house with a front porch, balcony several rooms and bathrooms.

We’ll have access to the sauna and the other castle facilities.

Its: Rockelstad Slott outside of Nyköping

Practical stuff:

There are 14 spots available

I have 2-3 extra spots MUCH, much cheaper for those who want to work in the kitchen. You’ll be given the schedule so you can plan out what you want to attend and how you want to lay everything out, so you can do so.  It’s important that you can cook vegan and vegetarian food, keep a schedule and cook good food. Staff price is 555 kr

I’ll have a car and can go get you from Nyköping, all you need to do is reach out to me and we’ll come to an agreement

If you want to split the Payment, that is totally doable. Write to me directly and we’ll come to an agreement!! Full price is 6999 kr

Bedding and Towels will be provided by me.

There will be 3 meals every day and snacks in form of fruits, crisp bread and such, in between meals.

Bring a mirror, big enough to see your face, that you can use in sessions.

Bring a dress, jewelry and makeup if you like to wear it. Things that you feel beautiful, sexy and embodied in.

If you play and own any instruments it would be amazing if you could bring them as well!

Woman, if you’re feeling the call, listen to it.

Listen to your desires. Listen to your urges.

It is time to heal.

It is time to transform.

It is time to do what feels right and true to you.

It is time to invest in yourself.

In whatever way you chose to do that, whether with this retreat or something else:

Invest in yourself in a way that will create long lasting impact in your life.

Invest in yourself in a way that will give you joy and pleasure.

Because it truly is your birthright.

Sister, I call you.

Will you answer the call?

I'm looking forward to having you Beloved Woman!