It’s my mission and intention to support you on your journey to grounded empowerment. 

Grounded empowerment is focused on working from the root up. Meaning that you practice grounding yourself in your body and tune into the wisdom of your soul. It takes you on a journey inside, you become a soul traveler who is empowered from within. 

This approach is gentle yet firm. It’s about practising balance between polarities like flow and discipline, the feminine and the masculine, light and dark. 

In nature everything is a process and it flows naturally. Nature allows, it doesn’t stress or push healing and growth, it trusts. Grounded empowerment teaches you to do just that. Allow. Allow yourself to be healed, empowered and vulnerable by trusting the process and your bodies intuitive wisdom. 

I’m a intuitive. A psycho-spiritual coach. A student and a teacher. A women who slowly embodies the archetypes of the healer, the witch, the priestess, the alchemist, the shadow explorer and the lightworker. I have a natural ability to understand the human psyche and use my intuition to feel into the spiritual realm. 

There are different ways that I can be of service. Explore the website and get familiar with my work. 

I’m truly grateful and honoured to have you here beauty! Your presence is a delight and your trust is a blessing. Put your hands on your heart and feel how I fill it with love ❤️