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In this E-book I'll go into what I'm passionate about which is - inner work, connecting back to the earth & oneself and loving ourselves exactly as we are, with the mess and all. 

I'll go into subjects like - shadow work, grounding, erotic innocence, womb return, inner child exploration and body love. Every chapter begins with an introduction into the subject , I'll then share my experience and end with giving you and practice so you can explore and experience on your own. 

This E- Book is a loving invitation to go within, explore and remember the extraordinary and unique being that you are. It's a gift with the intention to inspire you to explore yourself in different areas and embody more of your juicy, loving essence. 

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Mar 06, 5:00 PM – 8:10 PM
Segersjövägen 1,
Segersjövägen 1, 147 61 Uttran, Sweden


Deeply Healing Journeys 


This healing journey will take you deep into your womb to heal trauma from your life and your ancestral line. With the support of your breath, herbs, movement and sound you'll be able to heal on many leves, physical, emotional and spiritual.

This experience can take on many forms depending on your energy and what you need. It can either be a very gentle and slow journey with a more passive energy, a more active and fast expression or a bit of both. We're all different and we all need different things so we'll tune into what YOU need before we start.

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Whether you feel blocked, have a wound that needs healing, deal with toxic beliefs or feel disconnected from yourself and spirit, breathwork, tapping, commitment and compassion can help you with all that. These sessions take you deeply into your subconscious and help you become aware of and heal what needs healing. I'm all about deep healing, no quick fixes here, and these sessions allow us to go deeper together while also giving you tools to do "the work" by yourself.



I had a womb healing session with Julia that was unbelievably powerful. Julia has a natural ability to create space for the parts that need healing and she’s very intuitive and warm. I have worked with being able to relax and express the things I’ve held to myself for years and Julia made me feel so safe and nurtured that it all just came organically. I can warmly recommend Julia as a guide and space holder for womb healing!

Nadia B.A

Julias womb healing session was much more than I expected. It was an absolutely heart opening and emotionally relieving process that made me lose my breath. Julias healing presence and the methods she used, helped me get in contact with deeply buried trauma. After that, I had time to heal the trauma in a way that came naturally. Words can’t describe how much I recommend this session! 

Lisa Rämsell 



I serve as a healer, energetic midwife, witch and sacred space holder. My passion is to support you in creating a deeply intimate and loving relationship with yourself so you can feel grounded and empowered within your own being and live a life that feels true to you. 

Together we can explore your unconscious, connect to Mother Earth, explore the hidden treasures in befriending your emotions, heal  trauma, soften your heart, connect to your womb, explore blocks and wounds around sexuality & find the joy and desires of your soul.  

Some of the tools I use are EFT Tapping, Oracle cards, Breathwork & bodywork, Movement, Mediations, Soul Journeys and Energy work. I hold most dearly to my heart the ability to hold space for and heal even the darkest darkness. 

Check out the plans and pricing page to find the best combination for you! 




I can write so much more about the shadow work but in short terms, I am so very grateful that I did the shadow work. It gave me great insights, gave me a lot of perspectives, acceptance, strength and empathy. Greater love for myself and too others. For me it was a bit scary but that was necessary. Yesterday, I did a meditation where I really found pleasure and strength in my shadows. Before this I don’t think I would be able to stay in the meditation because I would feel so scared. After the shadow work I also felt that I connected better to my life force, my creativity, joy and my desires. I felt after the shadow work that I got a sharper focus what I desire. I ended the shadow work on a new moon. I could see a change, I could see that I was ready to step into life in another definite way and in more honest way. I didn’t think that I would feel so liberated after the shadow work. I will continue to do to shadow work, the exercises, when I feel that I need it. 

Thank you.

Emmi L.


Personal Empowerment


1111 Swedish KR

This package includes 1 self-study guide, 2 meditations and 3 sessions. The lavender package is perfect for someone who likes to dive in on their own, take it slow, focus on one thing at the time and have a little support on the way. All materials are yours forever, you can go in your own pace and take the time you need!


4444 Swedish KR

This package includes 2 self-study guides, 4 meditations and 8 sessions. Raspberry is perfect for anyone who's looking for going deeper on their healing journey and committing to long term work. This package will offer you the support and materials you need to go to the root and create change in your life.


7777 Swedish KR

This package includes 3 self study guides, all meditations and 13 sessions. Rose is perfect for anyone who wants to work on different levels and have a lot of material to choose from. This package offers long term commitment and the possibility combine different forms of inner work (example: self-love and shadow work) with all the support and guidance you need!



Loving Support On Your Journey



If you want to establish a more personal connection before choosing to work with me this FREE call is perfect for you. This 20 minute Zoom or Messenger call allows us to get to know each other and feel into our work together.



“The wound is where the light enters you"



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